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Frequently Asked Questions

Use this list of common questions and their answers that we've compiled to help you understand our products, services, and concepts .

How does a crypto ATM differ from a traditional ATM?

A crypto ATM differs from a traditional ATM in that it allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency, rather than just withdraw and deposit fiat currency.

Crypto ATMs work in a similar way to traditional ATMs, with a user interface, a cash dispenser or validator, and other optional hardware, but they also have additional functionality for handling cryptocurrency transactions.

How does the Velorex crypto ATM differ from other crypto ATMs?

What cryptocurrencies are supported by your ATMs?

As we develop our own software in-house, and due to its 'DeFi' nature, we have the complete freedom to integrate whichever blockchains, tokens, and DEXs that we deem valuable. This means that the ATM user is able to purchase thousands upon thousands of different tokens - across many different blockchains.

The typical crypto ATM will only allow you to buy/sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a couple of other cryptocurrencies - we realize that not everybody wants to use those currencies as a on-ramp (the method that converts their currency from local fiat into cryptocurrency) and we also have the unique capabilities to offer more - that's why you'll see that our software is packed with a massive collection of currencies.

There are a plethora of 'cross-chain swaps' that can be utilized by the ATM user in order to convert the currency they purchased on the machine from one blockchain/currency to another. You're able to select the fastest and cheapest tokens to get your fiat into the crypto ecosystem - and from there you can trade or store them freely using your smart phone.

What locations are best for a crypto ATM?

What are the upfront and ongoing costs of purchasing and operating a crypto ATM?

Which regulations might apply to me as an operator of a crypto ATM?

What are the maintenance and support requirements of a crypto ATM?

What are the security measures in place to protect against threats such as fraud and hacking?

Token Listing Application

If you're a token/project owner and you're interested in listing your token on our software - please get in contact by completing the form below. You can download the token listing agreement here too and view the general requirements and process.

Apply HereDownload Agreement

Shipping & Import

We operate on a simple order process. Once the first payment has been completed - we'll begin preparing your machine for shipping. We take care of most of the machine setup for you at this stage.

When the machine is prepared and ready to leave our warehouse - it'll be subject to a thorough quality control screening to ensure that we're supplying only the highest quality machines to our customers.

Due to the weight of the machine and the over-sized crate it ships in - the best solution to providing the cheapest shipping rates is to implement a 'case by case' procedure where you'll let us know the exact delivery location, and our team will do their best to get the cheapest possible prices from companies in your area.

Regarding the customs/import process - the rates and time-frames vary drastically across the globe. We can provide all of the information you'll need to check the tariffs in your country - we're happy to help with that too. You will be responsible for paying the shipping and customs fees/import duties.