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Smooth & Sleek

Designed with a high-end retail environment in mind - the first model of Velorex DeFi ATM to hit the market features a stunning portrait touchscreen display that provides plenty of room for the attractive UI.

We've packed this version with the latest in bill validating and dispensing technology that's manufactured by some of the worlds largest distributors in their industry.

Simple Setup

Although it's designed for a high-end environment - our machine is extremely simple to install and maintain. We'll provide you a resource of documents to be used as your key reference - as well as unlimited support via multiple communication channels.

We can offer a direct point of contact for each operator, so you know you always have someone you can call.

Multi-Chain Enabled

We believe that the end-user should have a broad choice of which blockchains they want to trade on. For that reason, we're integrating a wide variety of blockchains.

The Velorex company whitelists a selection of quality projects/tokens - and we complete a rigorous compliance and risk assessment report before adding them to the system.

There are 10's of thousands of tokens that are able to be purchased, and our partners provide off-chain swaps and smart wallets that will allow the user to store their token as they desire.

The Admin Panel

You can configure almost everything exactly how you like it. Currency, denomination, amount of notes, ATM radar settings, cash-drawer alerts, compliance settings, and much more.

We know that everyone is different, and you'll want to be in complete control of your system - totally independent of anyone else.

KYC Tools

The world is a complex place, and the laws vary from location to location. Our software comes packed with everything you need to collect and verify your customer information - including transaction limits and frequency caps.

This solution ensures that you can remain compliant at all times. If you prefer to use your own solutions - you can turn all of these settings off.

Crafted by Experts

The Velorex ATM company designs and manufactures their machines under a direct partnership with a long-standing and highly reputable expert.

The state-of-the-art machinery and tooling allows us to produce completely custom solutions from scratch.

The easiest way to trade crypto & cash

The system is designed to be simple and fast. Select a currency, scan your wallet, and insert the cash or send tokens.

Customers avoid the hassle of going through banks to make deposits and withdrawals from their crypto wallets. We aim to 'bank the un-banked'.

Technical Specs

Size, weight and hardware components.


125 kg


Steel, Aluminium, Plastic




100-240v AC

Operating System

Windows or Linux


Up Board 4000


Ethernet / WiFi / 3/4/5G

Screen Size

23.8" Portrait HD Touchscreen

Bill Validation


Bill Dispensing

Puloon LCDM 2/4000


Face Camera & Document Scanner

Fiat Support

All Major Currencies

Blockchain Support

BSC, Eth, Polygon, Shido

Language Support

All Languages

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Configure your machine

Two-way machines allow buying and selling, but you can downgrade to a one-way machine if you like.

Offer the option of printed receipts.

Additional security hardware.

Bill dispenser config.

Amount of machines

Total Price


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