Check for the latest update now

Load up the admin panel and head to the 'Settings' tab in the left-hand menu.

Press the 'Check for updates' button at the top of the settings page. Please allow a moment for the server to check for updates.

New update available?

If there's a new update available - you should check the current usage of your machines in the dashboard. You can select which machines to update - or update them all at the same time.

When you begin the update process - the machine will wait until there is no current user activity before going into the update mode. During the update mode you must ensure that the power and network connections are not interrupted. You cannot interact with the dATM while an update is in progress.

The machine will automatically reboot after the update - if there are any essential admin panel settings that must be changed or configured before the machine can become operational - there will be a message displayed on the screen of the dATM. You should complete the configuration as soon as possible for the machines to return to the normal operation mode.

If there are no extra configuration settings needed - the machine will be ready for use as normal after the reboot.

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