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Do you see the 'Network Down' screen?

If you're seeing this error screen on the ATM - you should refer to and follow the steps on this page in order to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

Step 1

Ensure that the network that the dATM is connected to is functioning properly. You can take the following steps to ensure that you have a working connection:

Step 2

Ensure that there isn't a physical connection problem between any of the cables leading into and out of your router - or from the router and into the ATM. If you're using a 3/4/5G enabled machine please ensure that your SIM card has balance/data.

Step 3

Reboot the machine by shutting it down from the admin panel or unplugging it from the power outlet. It's always best to shutdown the machine properly using the admin panel.

If the problem persists - check the status of the connection between the server, machine, and the ATM application on the admin panel.

If the status for any of the connections are not showing 'connected' you should refer to the further documentation found here to continue troubleshooting the problem. We'll start by doing a complete reboot of your servers and machines.