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Step 1

Ensure that you've removed all of the packaging, including any internal temporary fixings - then plug your machine into the power outlet and wait for it to boot up.

You should see the welcome screen, where you can tap the 'I'm Ready' button to begin.

Step 2

Using your PC or laptop - open the admin panel website that you set up using the setup instructions found here.

In the menu on the left of the admin panel - you'll find the category called 'Machine Settings' - click that link to visit the page

Now you'll need to press the 'Pair New +' button.

Step 3

After entering the details requested on screen - you'll be presented with a QR code.

You need to copy this code to your smart phone by downloading it or taking a picture of it.

Step 4

Using your mobile phone - present the QR code to the scanning bay window on the dATM. It will complete the pairing.

Step 5

You're finished with the machine for now. To complete the setup you'll need to configure the machine settings using the admin panel.

You should always double check your settings and make a test transaction if you make changes to the admin panel.